Secure eMail, a beginner’s guide

Why and how? Here is the 101 on how to secure your online communication.

Did you know your eMails can be read by anyone? Yes, anyone. eMails are by default transmitted over the internet as plain text, so anyone running an eMail server, can technically read your eMail. In general this is irrelevant, because nobody cares to read all the billions of messages sent all the time, but then there are some agencies like the CIA, DIA, NSA, NGA, NRO, AFISRA, MI, MCIA, ONI, OICI, I&A, CGI, FBI, DEA/ONSI, INR, TFI, NCIS from the USA, the DGSE, DCRI, DRM, DPSD, BRGE, ANSSI, DCPJ, CNCIS, all from France, the BND, MAD, BfV and 16 connected LfV are in Germany. The list goes on, and we can be certain it is incomplete.

Still think your eMails should be unencrypted and easy to read for anyone? Here are some more reasons:

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Business for the sake of Business without purpose or goal

I have a dream. Lets make the world a better place and solve the economic crisis at the same time. Ok? Good, here we go:

Lately it occurred to me how many businesses try to solve problems only encountered by other businesses trying to solve other businesses’ problems. And if that isn’t pointless enough, there are now businesses trying to streamline the process of businesses solving problems for businesses solving problems. In the end we end up looking at a cycle of business structures creating and solving each other’s problems instead of truly creating something meaningful and valuable to support humanity solve one of it’s bigger problems.

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