Rescuing a mac against Apple’s will

So I managed to copy a directory into the /Volumes folder on my Mac’s internal Hard Drive with rsync and a misspelled volume name. Then it wouldn’t boot anymore and I ended up having to boot from an external hard drive (an SD Card in my case) and re-partition the entire drive. Disk Utility failed to mount in recovery mode. On the bright side I know how to do all that or I would be without my workstation for the next week, on the not so happy side Apple restricts OS X downloads to only download the version you have installed or a more recent one.

I run OS X Yosemite Beta (10.10) on that SD Card, because I installed it there to avoid damaging my Computer in the first place. OS X Yosemite btw. was able to mount and verify the disk when OS X Mavericks wouldn’t even mount it in recovery mode anymore. But it despite everything it kept on saying everything was ok. The OS X Mavericks Disk Utility kept saying the partition table was damaged…

But since Apple won’t let me download Mavericks anymore I now have to download it on someone else’s computer to install it again on mine - that, dear Apple developer deciding this, is stupid.

So right now my dad’s computer is downloading OS X Mavericks, which I will then have to write onto an SD Card or USB flash drive with a 3rd party tool so I can boot it and install it. Or I have to boot my Mac in target disk mode and run the installation from another computer, writing on my computer’s internal drive as if it was an external one. Apple, this is ridiculous, why can’t I just download it?